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Human Occupant Model

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6-DOF Driving Simulator

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Spiroergometry system



Digital Human Lab (DH Lab), a startup company specializes in a virtual simulation of vehicle occupant’s crash safety and riding comfort. A virtual human occupant model with its seat and belt system can be customized as a functional mockup unit (FMU) in Open Modelica language for a solver-agnostic coupling for the dynamic co-simulation. The effective co-simulation with a Virtual Test Driving tool, e.g., the CarMaker from IPG Automotive revealed a prediction for following features of the vehicle occupant in a real-time simulation:

 ‌ - Occupant kinematics with reflexive muscle bracing in‌ pre-crash phase

 ‌‌ - Muscle metabolism to quantify riding comfort and fatigue

‌  - Motion Sickness Incidence

‌The virtual human occupant model is verified and validated (V&V) via various biomechanical and ergonomic tests using a lab designed 6-DOF driving simulator and volunteers.


Digital Human Lab Co. Ltd.